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Arthur Lyon Bowley

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Arthur Lyon Bowley (Bristol, – Surrey, ) foi um estatístico e economista inglês, que trabalhou com estatística econômica e foi pioneiro no uso da técnica de amostragem em pesquisa social.

Publicações principais de A.L. Bowley

  • A Short Account of England's Foreign Trade in the Nineteenth Century, 1893.
  • Wages and Income in the United Kingdom Since 1860, 1900.
  • Elements of Statistics, 1901. (4th edition in 1920)
  • An Elementary Manual of Statistics, 1909.
  • Livelihood and Poverty: a study in the economic conditions of working-class households, with A.R. Bennett-Hurst, 1915.
  • The Division of the Product of Industry, 1919
  • The Mathematical Groundwork of Economics, 1924.
  • Has Poverty Diminished? with M.Hogg, 1925.
  • Measurement of Precision attained in Sampling, Bulletin de l'Institut International de Statistique,(1926) 22, Suppl. to Book 1, 1–62. Gallica (after p. 451)
  • The National Income 1924 with J. Stamp, 1927.
  • Bilateral Monopoly, 1928, Economic Journal.
  • F. Y. Edgeworth's Contributions to Mathematical Statistics, 1928.
  • New Survey of London Life and Labour, 1930–35.
  • Family Expenditure with R.G.D. Allen, 1935.
  • Three Studies in National Income, 1939.


  • W F Maunder e Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley (1869–1957) in Studies in the History of Statistics Probability, (ed. E S Pearson and M G Kendall) 1970. London: Griffin.
  • .
  • Bowley, Arthur Lyon, pp. 277–9 in Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences from the Seventeenth Century to the Present, (ed. N. L. Johnson and S. Kotz) 1997. New York: Wiley. Originally published in Encyclopedia of Statistical Science.

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    • Horizons March 2005: Stats in History—Arthurian Legend
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  • Bowley on the Portraits of Statisticians page.
  • In the 4th edition of the Elements (1920) Bowley gave a lot more space to statistical theory. The following excerpt illustrates his approach
  • Bowley's Pearsonian approach to chi-squared on the Life and Work of Statisticians page.
  • This was written just before Bowley got involved in the controversy between Fisher and Pearson on chi-squared. In the fifth edition (1926) Bowley added a reference to his own contribution.
    For Bowley's contribution to sampling theory put in historical perspective see
  • Part D: A Review of Statistical Sampling from Laplace to Neyman

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